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simmi-da-adda: TEXT: Yep. You won't even believe what it is, but yeah your 'rents won't be able to let go of Ishaan after, ahem, partaking of it. TEXT: So I guess all parents have a thing for hooking up their kid and their best friend. It's just easier that way.

TEXT: Well that sounds ominous.

TEXT: All parents? Did yours try that?

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sameerasingh: TEXT: [I am so sorry Pri. I have to postpone the lunch until later, something's just urgently come up.] TEXT: [I'm still shouting, and I'll text you whenever I'm free, so sorry honey!]

TEXT: Don’t worry about it babe. Are you okay though? Is it something serious?

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simmi-da-adda: TEXT: yes ishaan told me. I wish I could have snapped a pic of you two when he confessed. TEXT: not that much and besides I have given him a secret weapon to boost his confidence..TEXT: My Ish bhai is just awesome like that I know your Dad will love him. And parents always mention the M word sooner or later.

TEXT: Oh god, I don’t. I was not at my best that day.

TEXT: A secret weapon?

TEXT: The weird thing is he was asking me about meeting Ishaan even before this. Said I’m keeping my friends from him.

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simmi-da-adda: TEXT: Pri you turned out to be such a chuppi rustam. TEXT: I thought I would finally get off your back about Ish once I returned but you both totally surprised me. TEXT: and your dad wants to have a talk already? Poor thing is so nervous.

TEXT: Did I now? I assure you I have no master plan, things just kind of happened.

TEXT: Is he really nervous though? He doesn’t need to be.

TEXT: Daddy is just being protective and I can’t blame him, but I’ve already told him to keep the M word out of his vocabulary. I know he’ll love Ishaan, so there’s no reason to worry.

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sameerasingh: TEXT: [I feel like I always miss you whenever I drop by the studio. And as I am keeping myself free, and letting the team handle more responsibilities, I am here to inform you that you're having lunch with me today.] TEXT: [Unless you already had something planned?]

TEXT: My only plans are the ones we’ve just made. I’d love lunch with you, I may have things to share. x

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Anonymous: Oh, you question my love for you? You wound me, fair princess! I will cease to breathe beyond this day without a kiss from your sweet lips! Oh, how I have longed to feel your lips upon mine. Truly beautious madien! I burn with my love for you!

…I’m pretty certain the last time I read Shakespeare was in school, but this is fairly close. You truly flatter, my dear anonymous Romeo!

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ishaanmathur: "Haan hume tumse mohabbat hui hai, Oh jaanemann do u know?"

Iss dil se shararat hui ha…

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Anonymous: You gonna break his heart

I don’t intend on breaking anyone’s heart.

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Anonymous: Your beauty is breathtaking, and your voice mesmerising.

Is this Ishaan? Thank you, dear mystery person, you certainly have a way with compliments and my appreciation.

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